The truck driver of today has to work harder every year just to break even.  Now, with the arrival of the ELD mandate, breaking even will be even more difficult, if not impossible. 

Everyone knows the customer will have to pay for the additional costs ELDs will bring about, but do you think that transition will happen overnight?  Until that happens, truckers will get further behind in their bills and one major mechanical failure puts them out of business, likely with a large truck that isn’t paid for yet.   

The American trucker loves what they do, but the seemingly endless barrage of regulations and bias from law enforcement are among the many obstacles that discourage them.  This leads to a fairly stressful working environment and the effects of prolonged stress on the body and mind are well-documented.  If you are barely breaking even, increases in your insurance premiums from year to year can be the difference between making your bills or falling behind.   

NTC addresses both of these issues: first, NTC offers wholesale pricing on health insurance and other insurance and value-added services.  This lowers the overall operating cost for the trucker and lets him see more of his hard-earned money.  Unique features NTC offers include portable benefits and the ability to create your own benefits package.  Second, NTC offers members a referral bonus program.  The program is simple; become an NTC member and then spread the word about your NTC experience to other transportation professionals and when they become members, you earn a bonus*! 

Regulations are never a fun reality to face, but there is a solution to the ever-increasing operating costs for truckers and we invite you to take a look at what NTC has to offer to help you save money on services you pay for and use everyday and help build yourself a second revenue stream that could replace your primary income in the future.

*bonuses are only earned for as long as your referrals remain NTC members

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