Our Tell-a-Friend Rewards Compensation Plan is very straightforward and easy to learn.  We believe in simplicity and not over-complicating things so here is how the Tell-A-Friend Bonus breaks down:

For every Member that enters your tree in your Branch 1, you will be paid $.25/each every month that they maintain their SGS membership.  At Branch 2, your earnings jump to $.50 for every member on that branch, every month that they maintain their SGS membership.  Branch 3 bumps you to $.75 for each member and Branches 4 and 5 get you $1.00 for each member.  Please note, the $1.00/each is for every member ONLY residing in your Branches 4 & 5, not for the members that are in your Branch 1, Branch 2, or Branch 3.  You will continue to receive rates listed above per month for those Members based on their Branch level in your tree; however, when you reach the point where new Members are filling your Branch 4 and 5, you will earn $1.00 for each of your Branch 5 members.

Branch 6 is currently the highest earning position and every new Member entering your Branch 6 will earn you $.75/each.

To summarize potential financial earnings for each position, your network tree, fully built out based on just 6 Members in Branch 1 equals:

Branch 1 (6 Members): $1.50 Bonus/month
Branch 2 (36 Members): $18.00 Bonus/month (this can pay for your monthly membership)
Branch 3 (216 Members): $162.00 Bonus/month (this could start paying for one or more services)
Branch 4 (1,296 Members): $1,296.00 Bonus/month (this could pay for ALL of your services)
Branch 5 (7,776 Members): $7,776.00 Bonus/month (you could consider retiring…)
Branch 6 (46,656 Members): $34,992.00 Bonus/month

Grand Total: 55,986 Members, $44,245.50 Bonus/month


Please bear in mind that you can refer as many people as you want in Branch 1; the above example is simply for reference to show you the immense earning potential with just 6 initial referrals that become Members.