Question: Can I sign up for an SGS membership?

Answer: Everyone is eligible.


Question: What are my costs for health insurance? 

Answer: Because every person’s situation is different, we require our members to talk with our broker in order to obtain the right coverage for you.  You will know what your costs will be prior to signing up for that service. 


Question:  I already get benefits through my employer, why do I need an SGS Membership?

Answer: There are many reasons why an SGS membership could benefit you, even if you currently receive benefits.

First, what happens to your benefits if you: quit, are downsized or fired?  COBRA now enters your life and you are responsible for the full premium of your coverage.  This can significantly impact your financial well-being and may very well cause you to lose your coverage because you cannot afford to continue paying for your coverage.

Secondly, your employer might be struggling with premium costs already and you could either lose your coverage if they cancel their company policy or your coverage can radically change to a cheaper and less comprehensive plan.

Thirdly, while you might have benefits, are they adequate and affordable for your entire family?

SGS’s insurance options provide comprehensive coverage options, variety and gives you total control over how much coverage you need.  Because you are paying for your coverage individually through our membership group, COBRA never has to enter you life again.  Know your coverage, know how much it will cost, every month, for as long as your membership is kept active.  While we will continue to negotiate new rates and options, your rates will never increase arbitrarily.  Because you choose the coverage that is right for your situation, you never have to worry about not having enough coverage for you and your family.

Finally, don’t forget that we offer an ever-growing suite of services other than insurance that you, as an SGS member, get access to that can bring value and enrichment to your life.

Question: Will I get better prices through SGS than on my own? 

Answer:  As a service aggregator, SGS has access to services and pricing that you, as an individual can’t get anywhere else.  Our providers have offered us discounted pricing because SGS will represent a very large consumer group.  As our group grows, we can solicit bigger and better plans for more savings for you, our members. There is always strength in numbers. 


Question: Why is a group important?

Answer: A group gives us bargaining power. If you want good rates and pricing, you have to offer a large group. This gives incentive for service providers to offer lower rates based on the purchasing volume the group represents. 

Question: What is Tell-a-Friend all about? 

Answer: Tell-a-Friend is SGS’s way of involving you in the growth of SGS.  To keep our overhead low and to maximize our investment in you, our members, we are inviting you to help us spread the word about the savings SGS offers through value-added services.  In return, SGS will pay you a referral bonus each and every month those members renew their $15/month membership.  Over time, this bonus can grow to represent a sizable monthly income.  Refer to our Compensation Plan for more information.


Question: Tell-a-Friend sounds like one of those pyramid schemes; is it?

Answer: Pyramid schemes are illegal and are often confused with legitimate Multi-Level Marketing companies.  SGS is neither of these.  A pyramid scheme requires you to invest a specified amount of money up front that allows you to recruit other people to join the organization by investing money, etc.  The primary difference is that no product or service is provided in exchange for that investment of money; only the ability to recruit others to join.  This is what makes pyramid schemes illegal; no value is being offered in return for the money.
In multi-level marketing, you pay a fee to join the company and get your own storefront to sell product or service.  It is up to you, with some training by the company, to not only recruit others to start their own storefronts (you make a commission or percentage from their sales) but also to find customers to buy the products or services you represent.  This is the marketing aspect of the Multi-Level Marketing name.  Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website to learn more about Pyramid Schemes and Multi-Level Marketing companies.
What makes SGS truly unique is that you, as the Member, don’t market anything.  You don’t directly sell products or services and are not required to do so.  Your job is to enjoy the services SGS provides access to and if you like the services and/or like what SGS is offering, you can tell some friends or colleagues about us.  We understand that these referrals are valuable and we provide a system that provides you a way to receive compensation for helping us spread the word.  This is not a one-time event, though; as long as your referrals and their referrals stay members, you continue to receive that bonus, as our way of saying thank you.  Over time, this builds into a significant monthly income.  It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s completely safe.  For more information on exactly how Tell-a-Friend works, visit the Tell-a-Friend page where you can see, in detail, how it works.


Question: Does SGS have trucking authority or brokerage authority?  

Answer: SGS does not have any authority for either trucking or brokerage and as such we will never broker freight or offer commercial transportation services. SGS’s mission is not to compete, but to bring value, so any and all business entities can be a part of the SGS family.