Group Rate Medical

Start saving money today with our coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act minimum requirements!

Experience what it’s like to OWN your insurance coverage!  Even if you *change jobs, move or have some other change in your life, you **take your coverage WITH you!  That is freedom that doesn’t exist anywhere else!

How would you like to have unlimited visits with your primary care doctor?  How about being able to have your doctor see multiple family members during a single visit?  Our EverMed Direct Primary Care plan helps families and individuals stay on top of their health and not worry about co-pays.  You read that right, NO co-pays!  Be sure to read the brochure below to find out all of the information you need to know about this exciting service that is not only going to save you money, but time, as well!  All without added anxiety or stress of finding money in your budget for co-pays or figuring out how much a visit or treatment will cost you.  Generous benefits and incredible catastrophic care options, as well!

Please note: this service IS portable!


EverMed DPC plus Rx Employees

How to use

List of Included Services

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We are also excited to offer a Kaiser Permanente plan to our Members, as well.  Kaiser will provide a customized quote to you if you are interested in this option.

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*You must maintain your SGS membership and to retain your insurance coverage.  Cancellation of either your SGS membership and/or your insurance coverage will result in your inability to re-enroll for coverage for a period of 1 year.

**If your employer creates a benefits package for employees through SGS and you leave your job for any reason, you will have the option of taking COBRA and keeping your plan or creating your own separate policy for you through your SGS membership.


How would you like 24/7 nationwide access to a doctor?  We offer this service so you can always know that competent, professional medical advice is only a phone call away!

Coverage starts at $11.00/month Individual, $14.00/month Family.

Group Rate Discount Vision

Think you can’t afford vision care?  See how affordable it can be with our negotiated group discounts!

Do you need glasses or have you been putting off that eye exam?  Now you can stay on top of your game with clear eyesight!

Discount Plans are $4.00/month Individual, $6.00/month 2-Party and $8.00/month Family

Discount Vision Plan

Group Rate Dental

Keep your pearly whites clean, strong and white with our discounted rates available only to our members!

Have confidence in your smile and make sure your teeth are at their best!

Coverage options include Willamette Dental in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and will vary depending on exact coverage needs and location.

Our New Dental Choice coverage is available nationwide and pricing is $8.00/month Individual, $10.00/month for each Dependent and/or Spouse.

How Dental Plans Work

 Disability Insurance

What would happen to your family if you became unable to work due to a disability?  Have you thought about it?    With our Disability coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you will be well taken care of!

Coverage options include Individual and Business Owner so if you are an employee or a business owner, we have a plan for you!  Coverage and rates vary and our team will find the right fit for your needs!

Business Overhead

Accident Insurance

We never anticipate accidents but they do happen; what happens to your income and quality of life while you are recovering?  Our supplemental Accident Insurance can help fill in the gaps of any coverage you currently have.

Rates will vary based on the level you choose.

Assurant Accident Plan

Life Insurance

Your family’s well-being can be drastically affected if you or your spouse die.  Our Term Life Insurance coverage provides funds to cover bills, loss of income, funeral or memorial service expenses and can even become an investment vehicle towards your retirement.

This coverage is underwritten and will be based several factors and your exact rate will vary based on these factors.

Premier Term