Ron Stewart – CEO

The originator of the NTC – SGS concept, he has worked in transportation for over 20 years in various capacities.

A true visionary, he is passionate about helping others and is excited to continue bringing value-added services to our members!




 Phil Kelley – Member Services

Ron’s original co-founder, Phil’s technical background helped flesh out exactly what was needed to bring NTC – SGS into reality.

He oversees Member Services and works tirelessly to ensure your experience is smooth, seamless and continually amazing!




 Todd Hutchinson – Business Development

Todd has a strong sense of integrity and ethics and he brings a unique perspective and solid leadership to the business development of NTC – SGS.

He is passionate about ethical business practices and has already proven to be an invaluable member of our team.




Ryan Montgomery – Technology

Ryan has been working with computers since childhood and his education, experience and incredible depth of knowledge has proven tremendously influential in getting our website and back-office up and running!