We all want to get ahead, but if we keep doing the same thing, we will get the same results.  So how do we actually get ahead? 

We all want to have more money.  Whether you are an employee or a contractor, you have to earn higher pay, either through higher education, promotion through the company or by gaining more customers.

In trucking, many drivers are one poorly negotiated deal away from not being able to meet their monthly bills.   

We have become a society that lacks foresight and basic financial maturity.  We want a lifestyle with new cars, a nice house, fancy vacations, fun parties; we want the good without the bad.  When money is flowing and times are good, we buy what we want with little regard to the future.  When the lean times come, we realize we are in trouble and often get desperate. 

Balance is the key, we can’t spend too much and we need to save when times are good so we maintain a financial balance that will sustain us through the lean times. 

Having financial reserves to sustain ourselves is great, but how do we take it one step further and start creating excess that allows us to have nicer things, take those amazing vacations, give to causes and charities that inspire us? 

Duplication: duplicating either time or money. 

Duplicating money means we have to have extra to invest.  Most of us don’t have extra money lying around, but for those that do, they can buy a part of a company through stock purchase or invest in real estate, which is a tangible asset that usually increases in value over time.  These are much more mature ways of investing money than playing lotto or gambling.  Investment is a long-term strategy, contrary to what stories you may have heard about people making millions by timing their investment perfectly. 

For the rest of us, the path to financial success is through time duplication.  There are only 24 hours in a day and in order to maintain balance, we must sleep, spend quality time with loved ones and friends and be productive. 

The productive part of our lives is what we can duplicate.  That doesn’t mean working 24/7 but rather getting other people to help you in your endeavor; this is what the employer is doing when he hires employees…he is duplicating his efforts through his employees.  If he hires 10 employees, and pays them to work 8 hours a day while he works 10 hours a day, his company has effectively become capable of providing the marketplace 90 hours of labor in one day (Employer’s 10 hours + 10 employees working 8 hours per day = 90 hours)

If you are living hand to mouth, your only option is to find a way to duplicate yourself.  How do you do that?  Do you have to start a company and start hiring employees? 

If you don’t want to start your own company and take on those risks, or perhaps you already own a company but are struggling to manage the risks, NTC has a solution. 

NTC, as a service aggregator, means that we provide a variety of value-added goods and services to you, as an individual or a business owner, that can lower your bills, save you money, and even provide an additional revenue stream. 

If you like our services, we invite you to share your experience.  This simple act can build into a monthly bonus that can replace your income.  Don’t think so?  Check out our Tell-a-Friend Bonus information for more information.   

How can we do this?  We take a portion of our monthly $15 membership fee and give it to NTC members that have spread the word about the benefits an NTC membership provides by referring their friends, family and colleagues that work in the transportation and logistics industry.  The more referrals you have a hand in, the more money you make. 

Every company has customer acquisition costs; we simply choose to pay our members to help us grow our membership in the form of a monthly Bonus.  It’s very simple: refer people to become members, get paid. 

How is this going to replace your income?  Over time, the people you refer will refer others because, like you, they are looking for extra income.  The people they refer will refer, and so on.  When this process repeats six times, you will have over 55,000 people in your Referral Tree and you will be receiving a monthly Bonus of over $30,000! 

And we are just getting started.  Start your journey today and experience what it’s like to take control of your financial future and see where the decision you make today will take you in the years to come.


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