Group Rate Medical

Start saving money today with our coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act minimum requirements!

Experience what it’s like to OWN your insurance coverage!  Even if you *change jobs, move or have some other change in your life, you **take your coverage WITH you!  That is freedom that doesn’t exist anywhere else!

How would you like to have unlimited visits with your primary care doctor?  How about being able to have your doctor see multiple family members during a single visit?  Our EverMed Direct Primary Care plan helps families and individuals stay on top of their health and not worry about co-pays.  You read that right, NO co-pays!  Be sure to read the brochure below to find out all of the information you need to know about this exciting service that is not only going to save you money, but time, as well!  All without added anxiety or stress of finding money in your budget for co-pays or figuring out how much a visit or treatment will cost you. 

Please note: this service IS portable!

EverMed DPC plus Rx Employees

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List of Included Services

Group Rate Vision

Think you can’t afford vision coverage?  See how affordable it can be with our negotiated group rate coverage!

Do you need glasses or have you been putting off that eye exam?  Now you can stay on top of your game with clear eyesight, all while saving money!

Group Rate Dental

Keep your pearly whites clean, strong and white with our discounted rates available only to our members!

Identity Theft Protection & Pre-Paid Legal Services

Enjoy knowing your identity is protected anywhere you go!  Our special rates make it easier than ever to guard against phishing and thieves wreaking havoc on your financial accounts!

Our nationwide legal representatives help you be represented in court, regardless of where you are, so you can continue to make money.

Are you tired of losing your benefits when you switch jobs?  The stress that comes with changing jobs and having to go through another waiting period before you have coverage is now over!

With our insurance plans, you OWN your plan and can take it with you, regardless of who you work for!  This provides unprecedented value in our industry and we are just getting started!  Choose what is right for you and make sure to sign up today to be the first take advantage of our amazing services and start saving money every month!

Disability Insurance

What would happen to your family if you became unable to work due to a disability?

With our Disability coverage, you can rest easy knowing that you will be well taken care of!

Cell Phones, Landlines, Internet, Satellite TV, and more!

Our exclusive partners allow us to provide significant discounts on the service providers you know and love!  Come check out what we have to offer and check out a referral program that is unparalleled in the industry!