Imagine being able to get rewarded for telling people you know in the transportation and logistics industry about NTC!  Then they tell the people they know and so on…this referral network would continue to grow and grow as more and more people learn about, try and get sold on NTC and the valuable, member-owned services and referral bonus program.

This is how our Tell-a-Friend Bonus program works: you refer people to NTC and they become active members.  You make a little money from the membership fee of those Members for as long as they remain active NTC Members.  They refer new Members and so on.  This can quickly grow into a tree of several thousand people!  It’s called the power of duplication and it’s a concept we totally dig.

We call your first referrals your “Branch 1” because chances are you know a few people who could benefit from saving money and earning money with an NTC membership and thus helps to start building your “tree.”

We call it Tell-a-Friend because we want our Members to know they are referring friends to something that brings real and true value.  You can refer as many people as you like and we encourage Members to see the value NTC brings for themselves before referring?  Why?  Because NTC is not about making money but providing value to the transportation industry.  And we believe in the power of everyday people like you telling others about us; there is value in that referral and we will compensate you for that.   See how easy that is?

Once your tree reaches 6 branches, based on an initial 6 referrals by you in your Branch 1, you will have nearly 56,000 people in your tree, resulting in a potential residual income of over $44,000/month.  See the Compensation Plan for a more detailed breakdown of how this works out.

Excited?  Sign upoday to get early access to our membership in an exclusive Launch period before membership pricing goes up and to take advantage of the incredible pricing on insurance and other services you can only get through NTC!