It’s long been known that a large consumer group can expect preferential pricing and treatment from companies as they represent a large amount of business revenue and purchasing volume.

This concept is at the heart of the NTC business model and has already allowed us to secure initial pricing from our service providers.  As our membership grows, so will our discounts and service offerings; we are committed to continually providing value to you, our members.

However, our business model also calls for a unique and what some would call old-fashioned manner of marketing; members.  Our model will rely on a significant amount of referrals from our members.  Referrals are extremely important because they represent a business built on trust and we take that trust VERY seriously.  To that end, we have provided a financial incentive for you to refer your friends and colleagues, our Tell-a-Friend program.  

Our system will pay you on your referral tree, six branches wide and six branches deep, in what we call our Referral Matrix.  As your referral tree grows, so does your monthly bonus.  You may refer up to 6 people in your first branch, they in turn each refer six and the multiplication continues up to 6 times once each branch is filled out.  

Referral bonuses are paid out from membership fees so as long as our members continue paying their membership fee, people get paid.  It’s quite simple and can lead to a significant monthly income that can help you cover bills in the lean months, take family vacations, pay off debt; in short, be a safety net for you.

You can make money by helping others save money is one way NTC is helping unite and bring value to the transportation industry.

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