NTC has created a new concept in our services that are owned by you, our Members.  What does that mean?  We offer services you are accustomed to finding in a benefits packages from employers, at group rates you are not able to get on your own.

How can we do this?  We negotiate group rates based on the size of our group so as our group grows, we will negotiate better and lower rates for our Members.  But the unique feature that ONLY NTC offers is the ability to take your benefits with you if you change jobs, regardless of whether you are laid off, fired or take another position at another company in the transportation industry.  This means that you don’t ever have to deal with COBRA again, if you so choose.  How?  You are the one that is paying for your services, not your employer, which means the benefits/services are YOURS and are not tied to your employer in any way.

As long as your continue to pay your NTC membership fee and stay working in the transportation industry, you keep your benefits/services!  It’s that simple.

So what services can you expect to have access to?  Check out our Services page to find out!  Interested in staying up to date on NTC and our impending launch?  Sign up for our newsletter today at the bottom of the page!

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